5 Secrets for Outstanding Communication in the Workplace


Communication is central to the work we do-regardless of industry, geographic location, or culture. At every moment throughout our day we are communicating a message to our colleagues and clients around what we value and what we disapprove of. We express Continue reading →

5 Ways to Start Your Life Over Again

pexels-photo-354984There comes a moment in our lives when we realize that something has to change. Whether you are recently divorced, have just lost your job, or suffered the loss of a loved one, moments of distress can bring about feelings of hopelessness and despair. As you look around at your life you may wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I catch a break? You will likely start to question whether your life has any real purpose or if you are destined for a life of constant struggle.

This is the exact moment when you must Continue reading →

5 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Confidence


pexels-photo-300122In today’s competitive market professionals across industries are searching for ways to improve their presentation and overall brand. Confidence is one such trait that drives us to pursue excellence in all areas of our lives. It plays a major role in our attitude, behavior, and relationships with others. When we view ourselves in a positive light we are essentially unstoppable. Continue reading →

5 Ways Documentation Can Save Your Business

In today’s business environment the focus of our work is often centered on production, outcomes, and deliverables. We do whatever is necessary to yield results with minimal attention to detail. Documentation is one such area that often gets ignored despite its’ great impact on the overall success of the company. Continue reading →

5 Ways to Prepare for an Excellent Week

254HYou know it’s coming. You can feel it in the bottom of your stomach. A BRAND NEW WEEK. You try to distract yourself but as the evening progresses reality starts to sink in. Tomorrow marks the return of a routine often consisting of meetings, deadlines, alarm clocks, and several people would you rather avoid. Well guess what? I have good news. You are in total control of how your week will go! You alone decide whether work will be a pleasant experience. You get to decide whether your Supervisor will annoy you. And YOU determine exactly how you will feel each moment of every day. The key is in how you PREPARE for your week. Following are some tips on how you can make the most of your upcoming week….. Continue reading →

5 Steps to Building an Effective Team


Excellence in business requires a strong team of people to carry out a desired goal. Managers often look to productivity to achieve bottom line results but leaders understand the value of human capital as a company’s greatest resource. Remember this: people get results! The product or service is only a consequence of the relationship between the employee and his client. By focusing on ways to identify and retain talent, businesses are more likely to increase profit margins, experience low turnover, and report higher client satisfaction ratings. Continue reading →

5 Reasons You Can’t Be Friends with Your Employees!



Strong leadership requires that you develop meaningful relationships with your team. In order to draw out an employee’s greatest assets we must relate to him in ways that are both engaging and inspiring. The challenge, however, lies in creating a balance between identifying with the employee and maintaining a professional boundary. When the need to be liked overpowers the desire to lead, a dangerous dynamic develops between Supervisor and employee-one with catastrophic effects at the professional, programmatic, and organizational level.

Let’s take a look at some of the dangers that come with this kind of a relationship:

  1. POORLY DEFINED ROLES!- Your team members need to understand who they are and what is expected of them. They also need to understand your role in the organization and how your credentials, experience, and leadership will lead them to excellence. By establishing friendships with your staff you are depriving them of this information by sending mixed messages about everyone’s role on the team. SOLUTION: Be clear about everyone’s roles and your expectations of them! Set an example by establishing who you are and what your team may expect of you. Ensure that your behavior, language, and mannerisms reflect who you are as a leader at all times. Model excellence in all your do and perform your supervisor duties to the best of your abilities. REPEAT AFTER ME…. “I am their leader-not their friend.” Make those job descriptions come to life!
  2. THEY CAN USE IT AGAINST YOU! I get it-you love your team. You think they are the best thing since sliced bread and believe they can do no wrong. I’m here to tell you that you are officially an IDIOT. Even the most dedicated employee has the capacity to turn on you when their livelihood is threatened. As an Executive Coach I have worked with countless Program Directors who found themselves in their Boss’s office after being reported by their so called “golden child.” Believe me-it happens! SOLUTION: Protect yourself by maintaining boundaries with all of your team members. Remember that this is the workplace and always keep your organization’s mission at the forefront of every decision you make.
  3. YOUR DEADLINES WILL BE IGNORED! Supervisors are responsible for making things happen. After all, you are helping to run a business. As a solution focused leader, your attention should be on outcomes. Your staff will play a major role in this process by providing documentation for the work they do, relaying important information via email, and helping you to ensure regulatory compliance. By befriending your employees you are more likely to experience resistance in this area. Deadlines will be viewed as suggestions rather than requirements and the information you need will be placed on the back burner. SOLUTION: Establish and maintain boundaries! Set deadlines and remain firm on what you ask for. While flexibility is an important leadership quality it should be used sparingly and with intention. When expectations are not met, be prepared to hold team members accountable.
  4. THEY WILL EXPECT PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT! By presenting yourself to your team as a “friend” you are entering a relationship marked by closeness and intimacy. This type of a dynamic is unnatural because as a Supervisor, you are in a POSITION OF POWER. The result of poor boundaries is a series of requests for days off, extended deadlines, lateness, and so forth. Your team has learned that you are “one of them” so why shouldn’t they get to do as they wish? SOLUTION: Establish yourself as a leader from day one! Refrain from sharing information about your personal life (marriage, sex life, family) and NEVER engage in conversation around such topics as religion, politics, or money. Any opinion you share about the organization you work for should be positive. If disagree with a policy or are frustrated by management, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
  5. IT’S NOT PROFESSIONAL! By establishing yourself as a “friend” to your team you are sending a message about what you consider to be appropriate behavior in the workplace. By establishing yourself as their “buddy” you are creating an expectation that other Supervisors and companies follow suit. When this does not occur, your employees will be left with a false sense of entitlement which may lead to poor performance, strained relationships, or even job loss. SOLUTION: As a Supervisor you should present yourself in a professional manner at all times. Talk, dress, and behave like a leader. Be a model for them to follow when they move on to another position, program, or organization. Remember: your team is always watching so give them the best possible version of yourself.

Maintaining professional boundaries with your team is sometimes easier said than done! If you, or a Supervisor on your team need development in this area email me at Info@ExcellenceByMonicaGuzman.com for a FREE Executive Coaching consultation.



5 Employee Engagement Secrets Every Leader Must Know!

J18ZCO3IPAEmployee engagement has recently become a hot topic for many businesses looking for a competitive edge. Leaders are now recognizing the value of human capital and understanding the benefits of retaining quality personnel. High turnover rates, undoubtedly, affect the bottom line by forcing companies to absorb the cost of hiring and training new staff. It decreases morale, interrupts the flow of productivity, and is a detriment to the operations of any business focused on serving its’ target audience. With the employee experience at the forefront of many executive discussions, we are encouraged to explore those factors that promote retention and enhance the overall work experience. Continue reading →

5 Ways to Build An Excellent Reputation

reputationIn today’s business world we rely heavily on relationships. It is through our interactions with others that we build trust, share valuable information, and promote our brand. In order to maximize on these relationships, however, we must develop a strong reputation that will motivate others to invest in who we are and what we represent. Below you will find some tips on how to build that strong reputation you need to get what you want! Continue reading →

5 Tips For Making Work More Enjoyable

DOT1T5II2JLook around. How many of your coworkers walk around all day like they are absolutely miserable? Professionals of all backgrounds and specialty areas are walking in to work with a frown on their face counting down the hours until 5:00pm. Continue reading →

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