5 Mistakes Women Make in Business

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So many women sabotage their careers by making mistakes that can be easily corrected. Before you start whining and feeling sorry for yourself take a good luck in the mirror and see if you are guilty of these infractions:

1. YOU TALK TOO MUCH! Women tend to be long-winded. You feel it necessary to give “background information” for every answer you give and every story you tell. When your Supervisor asks you a question or you want to present an idea think before you speak! Always be CLEAR, CONCISE, AND DIRECT. Remember, professionals who talk too much are seen as insecure and soft. As a Director I am looking for a team member to provide me with facts-not their whole life story.

2. YOU DON’T DRESS THE PART! A woman who wants a promotion should dress according to how she wants to be treated. Presentation plays a big role in your personal brand so make sure your appearance reflects what you think is important. Messy hair, wrinkled clothing, and exposed skin send a clear message that you are NOT ready to be a key player in the business world.

3. YOU DON’T HAVE THE QUALIFICATIONS! Never underestimate the power of an education. I see so many intelligent women lose out on lucrative opportunities because they lack the training or certifications that a new position requires. With many business offering tuition reimbursement there is NO excuse for remaining stagnant. Get up and get active!

4. YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THE EMOTIONS FROM THE BUSINESS! Ladies the workplace is not the place to gossip, make friends, or cry. We all have personal challenges but we must never let our home life affect our work. Go see a therapist, talk to a friend, or play with your dog. Business does not care about your divorce or personal feelings about the boss. Remain calm, objective, and professional at all times!

5. YOU APOLOGIZE TOO MUCH! Women have a tendency to say “excuse me,” and “I’m sorry” way too often. Time and time again I see women apologizing for a question they have or a comment they are making. Stop it!! Your thoughts are just as valuable as anyone else’s. If you want to be treated as a professional you need to gain some confidence and speak in a manner that reflects your intelligence and skill level.

There is good news! All of these behaviors can be corrected through self analysis. An Executive Coach can help guide your towards excellence through training and education. If you or someone you know feels stuck in their career and need help with any of these behaviors email me at info@excellencebymonicaguzman.com for a FREE CONSULTATION now!


2 responses

  1. Painfully true! Little by little right?


  2. Lots of thanks. All is true. I’ll take it all.


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