5 Ways to Prepare for an Excellent Week

254HYou know it’s coming. You can feel it in the bottom of your stomach. A BRAND NEW WEEK. You try to distract yourself but as the evening progresses reality starts to sink in. Tomorrow marks the return of a routine often consisting of meetings, deadlines, alarm clocks, and several people would you rather avoid. Well guess what? I have good news. You are in total control of how your week will go! You alone decide whether work will be a pleasant experience. You get to decide whether your Supervisor will annoy you. And YOU determine exactly how you will feel each moment of every day. The key is in how you PREPARE for your week. Following are some tips on how you can make the most of your upcoming week…..

1.GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER! Most people wait until Monday morning to get their belongings together. They grab the first shirt they see, skip through breakfast, and rush out the door. Unless you are a masochist who enjoys pain there is no need to put yourself through this drama. Every Sunday night select your attire for the next day. Iron your clothes (wrinkles= messy brand), do your laundry, prepare a healthy lunch, organize your work bag and make sure you have any paperwork you need for Monday’s meetings. Before going to bed look around. Does your home look like a tornado ran through it? There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day to a messy space so clean everything up the night before.

2.WRITE A TO DO LIST! I know most of you will say you “don’t have time” to write stuff down but that type of thinking ends today. By making a list you are creating an image of what your day will look like and ensuring that you won’t miss anything crucial. You can write you list on a piece of paper, type it into the notes section of your smart phone, or record an audio of yourself dictating what needs to be done. Make sure to place those items you dislike the most at the top of your list and work your way down to the more trivial tasks.

3.DEVELOP A PLAN FOR SELF CARE! Sunday evening is the best time to give yourself some TLC. You are about to embark on a new week of projects, deadlines, and demands-not to mention a slew of coworkers and supervisors with varying degrees of professionalism. Prepare yourself mentally and physically by engaging in activities which promote concentration and relaxation. Some examples include meditation, physical exercise, reading a book, spending time with your pet, deep breathing exercises, time with family, a funny movie, a relaxing bath….and the list goes on and goes. DO NOT TELL ME that you don’t have time to do any of these things because you have to watch after your kids or take care of your elderly grandmother. You cannot take care of others if you treat yourself like garbage, got it?

4.GO TO BED! This is not a joke people. In order to perform optimally at work you must get enough rest. Your mind and body need time to recover from the day’s events so respect yourself enough to get the sleep you need. Some of you are feeling guilty aren’t you? I know who you are. You stay up until 1:00pm because you “have to” finish that report. You get to bed late because the family needs you to help them with 25 different things. These are nothing but EXCUSES. Learn to manage your time more effectively so you can get to bed at a decent time and get the rest YOU deserve.

5.IT’S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE! I love the quote by Abraham Lincoln which states, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” This is truly an understatement. The human mind is extremely powerful. It has the capacity to look at any situation as either a challenge or an opportunity. If you are miserable every Sunday evening because you’re dreading the week ahead it is your own fault. Instead, train your mind to appreciate every single thing that is going well in your life. While you are complaining about the meeting you have with a client in the morning someone else is wishing he had a job to go to. Take a deep breath and thank the universe for all that you have. Remember: someone out there would trace places with you in a minute.

In order to achieve professional success you must prepare for the type of future you want. By following the steps above you can ensure a much more productive, fulfilling week ahead. If you find yourself struggling in this area and need some guidance email me to learn more about executive coaching and schedule your free consultation! Email info@excellencebymonicaguzman.com


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