5 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Confidence


pexels-photo-300122In today’s competitive market professionals across industries are searching for ways to improve their presentation and overall brand. Confidence is one such trait that drives us to pursue excellence in all areas of our lives. It plays a major role in our attitude, behavior, and relationships with others. When we view ourselves in a positive light we are essentially unstoppable. Why? Because confidence gives us the energy we need to take risks and accept new challenges. Without it, we are stuck behind a mirror of self-doubt and mediocrity-neither of which are conducive to a life of achievement. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can instantly increase your confidence regardless of who you are or what challenges you have faced.

1. LOOK AT THE WAY YOU SPEAK TO YOURSELF! In order to build confidence we first have to examine our inner dialogue. What we say to ourselves from the moment we open our eyes in the morning has a profound effect on whether we view ourselves as capable and worthy of success. Starting today commit to using only positive language when speaking to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re going to have a great day, that you are able to tackle anything that comes your way, and that you have something unique to offer to the world.

2. ASK PEOPLE TO DESCRIBE YOU! As the saying goes, we are our own worst critic. Sometimes the best way to gain confidence is to take in all the wonderful things people think about you. Ask your colleagues, friends, and family members to describe you using only 5 words. You may find that your loved ones hold you in a much higher regard than you imagined. The key here is to believe what these folks tell you and don’t fight it! If your supervisor tells you that you are an excellent leader believe him. If your wife tells you that you are kind and thoughtful believe her! You may not (yet) see how wonderful you are but others do so embrace it.

3. STOP SPENDING TIME WITH MISERABLE PEOPLE! It is true that we become like the people we spend the most time with. In order to increase your confidence it is important to surround yourself with people who believe in themselves-and most importantly-believe in you. Miserable people (we all know a few) will find ways to put you down and ridicule your dreams. They will tell you that the job you applied for is “out of your league” and that life will just never get better. Cut these types of people off from your life and start fresh with a new group of people who see your potential and actually enjoy life. Believe me, confidence is contagious!

4. GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! In order to build your confidence you must put in work. That means going above and beyond with every single project, task, and presentation you give. It means pushing yourself to perform optimally each and every time you go in to work-not just on days when you feel like it. The more you practice this habit the better the outcome and the better you will feel about yourself and your capabilities.

5. STOP LOOKING LIKE TRASH! A positive self-image begins with a powerful presentation. When we feel good about the way we look we tend to have a better attitude and this leads to more positive experiences throughout the day. No matter how you feel in the morning get up, clean up, and dress according to your brand. Not sure what that is? Write down 5 words to describe how you want others to view you. Then, dress accordingly. Don’t tell me that you don’t have time to invest in your personal appearance. Wake up early or prepare the night before if necessary but always look your best. No excuses!!!

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3 responses

  1. And above all, have confidence in ‘Yourself’. Don’t just try to pretend that you have it. It is the ingenuity that is most important.


    1. Keep physically fit. It is a lifetime process for everyone. Take regular exercise, proper and balanced diet at proper time. Have faith in Him and everything will be O.K. Take enough sleep, neither less, nor more !


  2. Thanks for this. Worth sharing with the younger gen.


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