Time Management Tips Every Business Owner Must Know

51CevmgXsUL__SY300_Most professionals will admit that time management is not their area of expertise. Business Owners, in particular, are
savvy procrastinators who will delay important tasks until the very last minute. This is not only detrimental to the business itself but also an indication of poor leadership. Continue reading →


5 Reasons Why Your Employees Hate You!

redThe success of any business relies heavily on employee retention and engagement. Too often, Executives become so obsessed with bottom line results they ignore their most valuable investors-the people doing the work! In today’s market employees need a reason to share your vision.  They need something to believe in. For many professionals the workplace is a source of anxiety, stress, and resentment. As a Coach, I have interviewed countless staff who are miserable and could care less about the success of the company they work for. WHY IS THAT?

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5 Secrets of Successful NonProfit Corporations

blogWhy is it that some companies flourish while others remain stagnant? My experience in the nonprofit sector has taught me that organizational success is intentional. It requires careful planning, organized thinking, and intense collaboration. In order to remain competitive in today’s nonprofit market, corporations must continually evaluate their effectiveness in carrying out their mission.

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Five Habits of Successful People

successfulYou see them everywhere-people smiling, accomplishing great things, getting raises, reaching new goals. Are they faking it? Do they have a magic formula to life that you don’t know about? The answer is YES. Successful people are intentional in their approach to life and are more apt to follow a set of specific strategies for achieving excellence.

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Stop Being a Fool! The Do’s and Dont’s of Staff Meeting Etiquette

staff meeting

Staff meetings are not typically the most exciting part of an employee’s work experience. Often avoided at any cost, they are regarded as a waste of time and resources for those who would prefer to be productive elsewhere. What most team members fail to realize is that staff meetings are actually an arena for self-promotion. They provide participants with the opportunity to promote their brand, share their ideas, and develop key relationships. For those who play their cards right staff meetings can help get them the job they want and the salary they deserve. Sadly, many employees are CLUELESS and don’t take advantage of what these professional gatherings have to offer. They speak and behave in ways that are destructive and contrary to the image they are trying to build. Are you making some of these mistakes? If you value your position and want to move forward in your career ready below to learn how staff meeting etiquette can help your reach professional Excellence! Continue reading →

Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Miserable!


You wake up in the morning and you feel miserable. You get to work and feel annoyed. You feel irritated around your family, your friends, and partner. No-you are not depressed so step away from the Xanax. There are many causes for your misery and I am here to shed some light on this topic and tell you how to finally feel happier! Continue reading →

5 Mistakes Women Make in Business

grey suit

So many women sabotage their careers by making mistakes that can be easily corrected. Before you start whining and feeling sorry for yourself take a good luck in the mirror and see if you are guilty of these infractions: Continue reading →

Five Phrases Your Boss Loves to Hear!

wordpressEver wonder what your boss thinks of you? Solving this mystery can sometimes mean the difference between staying in
one position for 12 years and getting a promotion within 6 months of hire. The relationship you have with your Supervisor is critical to your professional success. Don’t know where to start? Here are 5 phrases that your Boss is waiting to hear from the next person he/she is looking to promote: Continue reading →

The Cold Hard Truth…Tips for New Supervisors

excellence1Are you a new Supervisor or Manager? Congratulations! You have entered into a wonderful new phase of your professional career. With this role comes a great deal of responsibility, personal satisfaction, and opportunities to establish meaningful business relationships. In order to succeed in this position you must develop the skills necessary to lead effectively and manage administrative duties efficiently. Continue reading →

How To Tell Your Boss That He/She Sucks! (Without Losing Your Job)

facebookWhat is the best way to approach a Supervisor who is disrespectful, lacks leadership skills, or is generally CLUELESS? Below are some of my tips on how to do this while still keeping your job:

1. PICK THE RIGHT TIME: Do not wait until the morning of an audit to tell your boss that he sucks. Pick a day and time that works for you AND your Supervisor. You can do this by requesting a meeting or selecting a time of day when your boss is typically winding down for the day. Remember: your Boss is not likely to be amenable to your concerns if he is stressed out by a deadline, in the middle of a major project, or frustrated by a recent conversation with his own Supervisor.

2. START OFF ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Before telling your Boss that she sucks, provide her with some positive feedback. This may be challenging if you believe she is incapable of doing anything right but you MUST give it your best shot. A genuine compliment or show of appreciation (no matter how small) can set the tone for the “constructive feedback” you are about to give. Example: “I want to start off by saying that I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me because I am learning more about myself through this process.”

3. WATCH YOUR TONE: No matter how angry or frustrated you are you MUST remember to communicate your concerns in a professional manner. I can guarantee that your Boss will shut you down immediately if you use profanity, yell, or speak as though you are invincible. You are NOT the head b**** in charge!

4. USE “I” STATEMENTS: The last thing your Supervisor needs to hear is you ranting about how “horrible” he is and how your misery is a direct result of all the things “he” has done. Explain how YOU are affected by your Boss’s behaviors and/or the policies of your department and stay away from statements which place direct blame on management. Example: ” I feel frustrated  when staff meetings don’t start on time because it causes me to lose time that I could be spending with patients” sounds a lot better than, ” You never start meetings on time and that makes me waste time!”

5. BE SOLUTION FOCUSED: No one likes a whiner! If you are going to give your Boss a laundry list of concerns you better be ready to provide an even longer list of solutions! Prepare in advance for your meeting by identifying ways to resolve each issue you are going to present. Example: “I propose that we explore changing the day and time of our staff meeting to better fit your schedule so we can all meet our goals for the day.”

6. IF ALL ELSE FAILS….CONSIDER GETTING A NEW JOB! If you follow all these tips and your Boss is still not receptive it may be time to pursue a different work environment. WARNING: Going over your Boss’s head by filing a complaint with his Supervisor will almost NEVER help your situation. Be very careful in your approach….

If you are having trouble communicating with your Supervisor sign up for a FREE Career Coaching consultation by emailing info@excellencebymonicaguzman.com

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